University of Minnesota

Department of Astronomy

Infrared Laboratory & Research

Infrared instrumentation and research are mainstays of the Infrared Laboratory (IRLab) at The University of Minnesota, Department of Astronomy. Although the IRLab retains its wavelength specific name, our researchers work with data across the electromagnetic spectrum. Within these pages are decriptions of the department's telescopes and instruments, as well as some of the IRLab's current projects.

Robert D. Gehrz
Terry J. Jones
Charles E. Woodward
Post Docs
Recent Graduates
Martha Boyer
Gerry Ruch
Michael Kelley
Dale Jackson (advisor Evan Skillman)
Graduate Students
Andrew Helton
Kristy McQuinn (advisor Evan Skillman)
Erin Ryan
Science Officer Tea Temim
UNIX Liaison
Kelley Eicher